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Therapy Philosophy

Megan McCarter CatesIn my experience, I have learned that each person has the ability to transform any challenge into proof of their own strength, resilience and success as long as she or he has the courage to ask for and accept help when help is needed.

I have often heard clients make statements that needing therapy means there is something “wrong” with them—namely that they are or will be viewed as “crazy.” There is nothing “crazy” about asking for help with a problem that appears too much to handle on your own, and I believe the only thing that could turn out “wrong” would be to ignore that problem and hope it will disappear. Would you ignore a broken ankle? Or asthma? Then why ignore emotional pain? And would you try to manage them completely on your own? Or let an acquaintance with no medical training treat you or your child? Mental health, just like physical health, requires regular maintenance and sometimes professional care to function best.

If your problem has become such a burden that you, your friends, family, or other support people cannot sort it out, it is time to enlist the services of a therapist. And, just as with any other professional, the therapist will only be needed until your strength and use of your healthy support people increases to the point that you no longer need the aid of a professional to successfully take on the issue or needs you sought help to resolve. For some clients this process may be brief, while for others it may be more of a winding path. No matter the case, my goal as a therapist is to help each client find his or her own power to change and learn to use that power to make healthier choices that result in increased satisfaction and enjoyment of life.

I respect each individual's unique background, belief system and the courage it takes to start the process of taking on life obstacles. I strive to offer treatment interventions that challenge without overwhelming and are in harmony with each client's core values.